December 21st of 2014, one of the memorable days for teslians. It was the day; the long waited one where everything was revealed. It was a battle day for all of us. And it was the day to mark the end journey in Educational Technology course. Basically, on that day every group had presented their masterpieces (the videos, posters and story board) to be evaluated. All of teslians participated and worked like a winning formula to make this program a success. Not to forget, this event was also being sponsored by Adabi and LieNadia transportation.

As the arrival of VIP, D. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni the event was carried on with the singing of national anthem and Varsiti Kita also the recitation of Dua to bless the ceremony. Later on, there were speech delivery by our beloved class representative, Dr. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni. Soon, the program went on with the highlight of that day which was the presentations by all the 8 groups. The first group group was from 4A.S group with the title Taubat, second group from Quatro Belissimo doing the movie on blood is thicker than water, the third group FASA with their reminiscence movie, the fourth group Hit or Miss with their words matter movie, our group Anonymous For Now with our signature movie of Our Story,Untold. The presentation proceeded with the group Edutech Girl with The Needs movie, Izzat and Wives group with Jue De La Vie horror movie and finally the Realist group with their #cinta

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Right before, the ceremony was done, Dr. Maslawati, and Dr.Rosseni with other assistants Kak Anna, Kak Aida and few other fellows calculated the marks in the evaluation forms to announce the winners. While waiting for them, we watched slideshow which comprised of our photos in Penang and some random movies on Youtube to fulfill the time. Soon, the most awaited moment came where we had the prize giving ceremony. Indeed, we trembled as we once thought to be the winner but we believe the luck was not with us this time around as we won the consolation prize.


We were grateful for receiving the consolation prize. Although we did not win the first prize, we were optimistic that we had done our very best and we cherished the memories that we had made throughout the subject Educational Technology. I have learned countless, essential skills during my time there. It will always be imprinted in my mind. I love it so much 🙂

    Now, comes to part we had to bid goodbye to everyone in this Edutech class, indeed there are many things that we had learnt from this class and we believe all the skills acquired and gained are going to be useful tools for us in teaching soon. We really enjoyed the class to the fullest! And wish us best of luck in finals!



Our class representative broke news to us on that week. It turned out that we had to make an event for our class. I was elected as the secretary for the programme. It was quite a shock to me as he did not discussed with me first but I did not mind.


I have always been a secretary. I guess people put their trust on me because they think I am capable of the stress of making official letters and reports. The best of making the programme that we were asked to do was that we are able to gain soft skills needed in the future. It is not only important to ace our tests and final exam, but it is also essential to have the skills to ensure that we are equipped with soft skills like leadership skills, communication, management and lots more. I am always looking forward for opportunities like this and I planned to do my best as a secretary.

First, as the Head of Director, Amirul gave welcoming remarks to members who came. He briefed on the program ‘Edutecnovation Day’ which will be held in conjunction with the final presentation of the subject of Educational Technology. The presentation will be conducted in the form of a program. One of the issues that arise was the date of the programme. Most of the members have already booked their tickets home due to the fact that it will be during study week. Not many will be able to attend and present their project. After much discussing, there are two solutions that were proposed. The solution was to either make exception letters for those who will not be able to attend the programme, or they could just simply meet the lecturer and discuss the solution. But it is advisable for the members to change the date of their tickets.

The programme will be held on the 20th of December starting from 8 a.m until 2 p.m. at Dewan Budiman, Faculty of Education. It has been decided that the dress code is formal. The lists of VIP that will be invited are TNC HEPA, TNC HEA, Dean of the Faculty of Education, TESL Coordinator and Prof. MADYA Dr. Rosseni bt Din. On that day, each group will be given three minutes to make a video pitching by using their poster before screening their video project. Marks will be given based on their delivery. Notification and description of tasks for each member has been announced and is expected to run smoothly. Among them was the bureau of meal, certificates and souvenirs, protocol, programme, publicity, special tasks and technical. Job scope for every position in the organization chart has been described in detail. Any enquiry by members was made during that moment and discussed together in groups.

Then after much discussing, the meeting ended.


There was no class again this week. But it is important for us to submit our second draft. We needed to make improvements based on our first draft. Dr Rosseni had given us constructive comments on how we could improve our video.

            It turned out that we exceeded the video limit. The video should not exceed 5 minutes actually and in that allocated time, we had to make sure that our message was delivered successfully. Then, we were also told that our transition from one scene to one scene was too long and not effective. Even some of the scenes that we had taken were not effectual as it did not show any significant message or whatnot. It is essential that we reduced scenes or things that are not necessary as to avoid from the time being dragged. For the second draft, we had to make it as perfect as possible as it is important to take note from all the criticism and comments. Here are some of the comments “good acting, nice music, just make sure they don’t change abruptly; do some analysis on how to integrate various kinds of music and blend them into text, act, visuals, etc”. This was to ensure that we made improvements and not static in the same position. We struggled and we thought on what we needed to change.

            We had a meeting again even though there was no class. We took notes on things that needed to be changed. We thought of ideas on collaborating it with the criticism that we received. Then, the second draft was published to the Youtube.

Here’s the link to our completed video. “ ” I had to give the link through Facebook because we wanted our fellow classmates to comment on the video as well. Their thoughtful comments and critics are pretty much helpful. Hopefully, the video is entertaining and educational at the same time.


After, we had finished the video, we decided to meet up in order to edit the video. We have to compile it because we have to submit the first draft. It is crucial that we uploaded it fast so that Dr Rosseni and friends could comment and criticize our work. The more comments, the better the video would be. But first, before we start editing, we brainstormed on the flow of our video. Since, we planned to make the video an action-based one, the sound effects and background song must be chosen carefully in order to deliver an impactful message. We gathered at Kolej Tun Hussein Onn because Nik has editing software in her macbook. It is much easier for her to edit as she has much more experience than us. I scribbled down the chronology of the video in order for her to compile the video. Then, we settled down on choosing the right song. Everyone contributed ideas and songs. It was much easier to work in group compared to doing things alone.

We divided works among us. I helped Nik editing the video. It turned out it was difficult to make the scene flow smoothly from one to another. We inserted a lot of effects such as blurring effect, black & white and also fade. Some of our video were also fast-forwarded in order to cut time. That night, we slept in Nik’s room. The work was done quite late in the morning and everyone was too scared to go back at that time. It was a pleasant experience because at least we knew we finished our first draft. Then, we uploaded the video to Youtube and shared it to the FB group.

Here is the video of our first draft. Hope you’ll enjoy.


We did not finish our shoot in Penang. As we had decided, we wanted to make a video that include the delicacies in Penang. During our time in Penang, we had taken videos of our main character eating Nasi Kandar. It is crucial as it shows how they liked the restaurant and the restaurant was the correct one. But, problem started to occur because we only had one shoot in Penang. In order to show how the two main characters got lost while searching for the best food, they must first go to more than just one restaurant.

Although we were busy on week 9, we decided to meet up and finish our shoot. It was decided that we shoot the video at night, after maghrib. The girls had to wear the same outfit as they wore during our trip in Penang. Before that, I searched for the appropriate food and places that could showcase the culture in Penang. It was quite difficult as not many Penang-based restaurants would be open at night. So, I suggested the group to go to BangiGateway as there would be a lot of ‘kopitiam’ there. As soon as we reached there, we thought of what to eat. But first, we decided to take a video of how the main characters arrived in BangiGateway. While, Yazmalina took video of Ain and Dina, Nik and I went around to search for food. We got to the food court and saw that they serve ‘ais batu campur’ and ‘cendol’. The delicacies were also significant of Penang food. The main characters had to go up the escalators many times in order for us to take the right shot. Then, after we ordered the ABC and cendol, I became the so-called waitress for our video. I served them as Yazmalina took video of us. Not only that, after brainstorming we thought that it was appropriate to show them ask people for directions. This is to show that the ‘instagram’ is not reliable.

The shoot finished at 10pm. It was a relief that Yazmalina owned a car. She sent us all back to our college. Along our journey, we thought that we should have more scene as the message was still hanging. We agreed to have one last shoot to show the situation before they went to Penang. I thought it would be splendid because so far the video we had taken was lacking in flow. The flow of the story was not smooth and could not be interpreted by the viewers.

Apart from that, we made a poster for our video. It was tough at first because it was our first time of making a poster. We wanted the poster to be an impact. Thus, we decided to put our main characters as the visual because our video was based on a friendship. At first we made a poster with a darker tone by using minimal colour like black and white.

poster old

We thought that we did not want to overwhelmed the poster by making it as simple as possible. We were also trying the typography-like poster. After posting the poster at our Facebook group, we received comments from Dr. Rosseni regarding the colour, font and position. We made a newer version and we were satisfied with the results.


It looked much brighter after we integrated the colour of orange and yellow. The editing of the poster were made by using Adobe Photoshop. I am quite fond by the Photoshop and I am relief that we were taught to use it in class.


The week before, we were instructed to create a video compilation for the group project. This serves as a purpose to update on our progress for our video production. Hence, on week 8, Prof. Rosseni expected us to show our finished draft in class. We succeeded in creating a trailer for our video thanks to Nikki for doing most of the job considering the fact that she is an expert in video editing. The trailer in my opinion was amazing as it was about the friendship of two friends in a journey of searching for Penang cuisine. We did not want to expose all of our video shoots in fear of spoilers but it turned out that Prof. Rosseni wanted to see the draft of the full video. This is so that she would be able to give comment on whether the chronology of the video was appropriate or not. Since, we did not show much, she was not able to comment much. Regardless of that, our video received positive comments and applauses from fellow classmates.

Throughout the class, we watched the videos of other groups. It was helpful because some of the comments that they received, could be used for our group; in terms of choices of background songs, unnecessary video and many more. Many of the group had misunderstood the instruction given and most of them had created trailers. So, we were quite relieved. The videos of all the groups took 2 hours of class. At the end of class, we were reminded to make the correct full draft that Prof. wanted. We were told that there would be no class next week but we were required to submit our current draft online.

Here’s the first trailer that we made. Enjoy 🙂


During week 7, we were required to present our storyboard to Prof. Rosseni. Even though we had presented the week before, she insisted that we made a perfectly sketched storyboard together with the explanation. I had brought my Sharpie marker so that we could make a colourful, bright storyboard. We were given time to discuss first and we decided to make 16 boxes of sketches according to the chronological events of the video. Then, Kak Ana distributed mah-jong paper and colourful marker pen. We took those things and headed to the next computer lab to start on our work. We were lucky that we spotted a whiteboard and so we used it as a support to sketch. We were together great as a group. We divided our work and so the sketching process went well. One would be drawing and the others would be colouring and adding details to it and another would write information regarding each boxes.

As we work on our storyboard, Kak Ana told us that we could take a break and eat nasi lemak that was bought by Prof. Rosseni. We were still lacking of time and we had a lot to sketch, therefore we decided not to take a break and continued our work. Around 11 a.m, we were instructed to stop whatever we were doing and present. I helped adding the information to the boxes even though we had not drew anything on it yet. Then, we proceeded to our computer lab. The other groups had done splendid job on their storyboard. They even gave us insight of the video that they were about to make. Then, it was our group’s turn. I gave the introduction about our storyboard and how it related to the moral values like I had explained before. Prof. Rosseni gave us a brilliant idea on our moral values which could be added. It was the reliability on the technology in conjunction to our video which was about two girls who depended on the social network to look for the most delicious restaurant they could find.

ker krj

kerja 2

After we were all done presenting, it was already 12 noon and the class ended. Before we head back, we returned all the stationery that was given to us. I even take one nasi lemak because I was really hungry. I cannot thank Prof. enough for buying us breakfast.